Don't pay for someone to diagnose and tell you what's wrong with your computer. Kedo Systems rates are way less than big companies and we do more. Free diagnostics “why pay more”.

Kedo Systems can work on all manufacturers and types of computers.

Bring your old computer back to life.

We can bring your new computer back to life sometimes it is as easily as upgrading the memory (RAM) or upgrading your hard drive with a faster (RPM) one. We can also clean and optimize your computer, or return it back to factory, just like the day you bought it.

Get rid of malware and viruses.

Everyday there are a number of security threats that could be targeted towards your Windows PC. Viruses, spyware, and other malicious software can install itself without your permission and slow your computer to a grinding halt. Kedo Systems knows how to remove spyware and virus to ensure your system is cleaned out and protected with the proper security software.

Get you up and running.

Kedo Systems can get you up and running quickly, enjoying your new piece of software like Microsoft Office, hardware like a Blu-Ray Burner, or a new digital camcorder.

Backing up your important documents.

Did you know most people that use a computer never backup their data such as photo's, home videos, music, and documents. Let Kedo Systems create a backup plan for your important documents and memories; we can also transfer your files from old hard drives and/or computer to a new faster hard drive or computer.

Common Questions


Connecticut virus removal and PC repairA Virus is a script that often acts like a legitimate file ("Trojans"). They can corrupt files to make it appear as if the virus doesn't exist and can self-replicate. Viruses open up connections with other computers to hack into your system.


Spyware, sometimes called adware, malware, consists of files that slow your computer down and often lead to popup advertisements. This causes stability issues, hogs system resources, and can even disable security such as firewalls.

Slow Computer!

Viruses and spyware, as well as the age of a computer, software installed and startup items, can all be the cause for slowing down your computer.